26 deaths in two months have locals worried

26 deaths in two months have locals worried

Deaths of as many as 26 people in the past two months have left locals of the Satbariya settlement in Pokhariya Municipality-4, Parsa, worried, prompting them to seek some sort of divine intervention to protect them.

 Villagers here have even started visiting temples and offering prayers to invoke “God’s mercy”.

“We don’t know who will die next,” said an anxious Rajeshwor Thakur, a local. Villagers said so many funeral rites had to be performed in the past two months that they were running out of firewood.

According to them, people of different age groups–children, youths, adults and
elderly—have died in the last two months.

Another local Shyambabu Chauhan said two of a family died in a span of 15 days.
He called on the concerned authorities to look into the matter.

A team of the District Public Health Office (DPHO) surveyed the affected village on Wednesday. DPHO Officer Raj Kishor Prasad said eight children under the age of 12 had died in the village.

Three of them had died of diarrhoea, parents informed, adding that a newborn, who was underweight at the time of birth, also died. Twelve persons who were above 55 years also have died while six deceased persons were aged between 12 and 55.
“In case of adults and elderly, they might have died of natural causes,” said Prasad, adding that some died of cancer, paralysis or kidney ailments. “We cannot categorise the situation as an epidemic.”

The DPHO team attributed children’s deaths to cold and diarrhoea. Dr Roshan Chaurasiya, Medical Superintendent of Pokhariya Hospital who was involved in the inspection, said they have not identified symptoms of communicable diseases in the village. “Patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and other fatal diseases are not taking medicines regularly,” he said.

Source: The Kathmandu Post

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