Aftermath – Nepal Earthquake

Aftermath – Nepal Earthquake

A 4-year-old being rescued after hours of search in the debris. | Photo Courtesy: Amul Thapa / via AP


A Buddha statue is surrounded by debris from a collapsed temple in the UNESCO world heritage site of Bhaktapur. | Photo Courtesy: Omar Havana/Getty Images


Kathmandu Durbar Square in rubbles | Photo Courtesy: AP Photo/Bernat Armangue


Kathmandu Durbar Square in rubbles | Photo Courtesy: Sunil Sharma/Xinhua/Landov


An aerial view showing the distruction and damaged buildings and monuments at the Patan Durbar square. | Photo Courtesy: EPA


Dharahara Tower once again falls due to the massive Earthquake of April 2015. | Photo Courtesy: MTI/EPA/Narendra Shrestha


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