commercially success but undelightful presentation: ‘Cha Ekan Cha’

commercially success but undelightful presentation: ‘Cha Ekan Cha’

‘Cha Ekan Cha’ is a poorly executed film. Including a cast of television comedians like Deepak Raj Giri, Jeetu Nepal, Sitaram Kattel and Kedar Ghimire, this ought to be an outrageous and funny affair. However, with all the talents involved, the film makes no effort in offering anything substantial that would’ve complemented the already established brilliance of these people. It’s a film that is in dire search of a clear plot and stretches so far to feature length only through jokes and one-liners.

The story is about a rich bachelorette Astha and her six suitors. Her search for a perfect companion takes her to a sly businessman, a Chulbul Pandey-like police officer, a money-grubbing lawyer, a poet with ideals, a tramp and a loyal servant. As she tries her luck with each one of them, all she gets are lies, deceits and empty promises.

Neeta Dhungana plays Astha and shows plenty of skin, talks in a very phony English diction and irritates you with her loud and over-theatrical acting. She is shown as this rich, independent and educated girl, who identifies her situation similar to that of her favorite actor Salman Khan. But why she falls for good-for-nothing dudes is stretched to areas that can’t be explored with proper reasoning.

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