Devotees celebrating Chhath in Mithila

Devotees celebrating Chhath in Mithila

JANAKPURDHAM: Celebration of the Chhath festival is going on today in different parts of Mithila region.

The river banks in the region are decorated and special worship platforms are parepared on the banks of the rivers and ponds to offer Argha to the setting sun, the main day of this year’s Chhath.

Ranipokhari has been cleaned up and decorated for the Chhath celebrations. During the festival, the devotees offer Thekuwa, Bhusawa, banana, coconut, ginger, fruits and sweets.

The devotees have gathered in Gangasagar, Dhanushsagar, Ramsagar, Ratnasagar, Biharkunda, Rukminisagar and Agnikunda and other ponds from last night.

Worship of Chhati Mata (ancient Vedic goddess), offering argha to the setting and rising sun, conclusion of the festival celebration, offering of prasad to devotees and immersion of an idol of Chhati Mata are the parts of festival. Chhath is an ancient Hindu festival dedicated to the Sun God and Chhati Mata.

The festival to be marked from Kartik Shukla Chaturthi to Saptami began on Sunday and the devotees take a holy bath in Chaturthi only by consuming consecrated food items. The devotees observe fasting on the day of Kartik Shukla Panchami and offer rice pudding to the Moon on the same evening.

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