Facebook ID does not reveal your member number

Facebook ID does not reveal your member number

The Facebook ID that users have been flashing on their profiles, claiming it reveals which number user they were to join the site, is apparently not exactly what they believe it is.

Facebook spokesperson said that the company had assigned numerical blocks in the early days, but
today user IDs are not issued sequentially.
According to Mashable, the specific number assigned to users when they had joined the site is actually based on a variety of number ranges.

For example, if a user’s Facebook ID is in the 806,000s range, it doesn’t mean they are the 806,000th user to join the site, but shows that the user was around the 6,000th member to join from NYU, the ninth university added to the social network.

The report said that the number at the beginning of one’s Facebook ID correlates to the university at which they signed up.

All Harvard students were given a number based on 0 to 99,999, Columbia was second, so Facebook users who joined through the school’s network likely have a 1 at the start of their Facebook ID, while Yale was the third with IDs starting with 2 and so on.

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