Getting Around

Getting Around

Getting around Kathmandu is not a difficult job. There are a large number of ways to do so. There is no absence or lack of transport vehicles in the capital, be it public or private. Every kind of local transportation like big buses, mini buses, small “micro” buses and smaller mini-vans run through the valley from one place to another. There are direct routes that connect almost every places in and around the valley. However, local transport vehicles are usually very crowded, making it difficult to travel, and mostly for tourists and other people who carry huge backpacks; and very few are dangerous to travel in too, thanks to reckless drivers. Nonetheless, there are other solutions for tourists and other people to get around without worries, which is by taxis. Kathmandu valley is not short of taxis either. One can find taxis parked in respective stands and even running around in roads and even in the inner streets for travellers’ convenience. Hassles-free and perfect solution for the travellers. There are other solutions too. Though expensive, one can even hire a private car to get around the city with one’s own freedom and convenience. There are a number of registered travel agencies and transport services where one can hire such private cars and jeeps. Also, there are ways to travel by bikes; motor-bikes and bicycles that you can hire or even buy. Walking is also a good option, especially going to place where no vehicle can reach. Hence, there are a lot of options for getting around Kathmandu.


Travelling around in Kathmandu as a tourist is a bit hectic via public transports as those are mostly crowded, which results in absence of space for carrying your baggages, if any, and the security of your belongings too. Though expensive, hiring a private car is the safest and best idea for getting around the city. This removes any hassles in handling your belongings, it is safe and you can go wherever you want to, without having to wait for a local transportation schedule where you might not even find yourself a seat… [More…]


There is no lack of number of public transport vehicles in Kathmandu. Once you get into Kathmandu, you can see the roads filled with public and private vehicles. The roads are rarely empty (apart from the ‘bandas’ or strikes leading to road closures, which used to happen all the time in the past but rarely nowadays). And, there are vehicles running from every place to almost every other place within Kathmandu valley (Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur), that means, almost all the places within the valley are… [More…]


Kathmandu is served by Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM). It is also the only international airport in Nepal until two others in construction are complete.
Today’s Kathmandu Flight Arrivals & Departures … [More…]

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