IMPORTANT: Giving to the living

IMPORTANT: Giving to the living


  • Sattyais helping raise funds for earthquake survivors in Lamjung and Gorkha, where entire villages have been levelled.
  • UNICEFis raising money for the 1.7m children who are in urgent need of aid in the areas worst-hit by the earthquake.
  • Childreach is raising money to help villages of Sindupalchok and
  • Possibleworks with America Nepal Medical Foundation to raise funds for the Nepal earthquake relief efforts.
  • A crowd funding project to raise fund for the rebuilding of Sankhu, where 90 per cent of buildings have reportedly been damaged.
  • Maya, directed by Veemsen Lama, was shot in Nepal to raise awareness about street kids. The crew organises a crowd funding to support children left with nothing, after the–3
  • Help Nepal Network(HNN) is raising money to procure relief materials and to dispatch items to the affected.
  • USAIDlists organisations through which donations can be sent.



  • Dasrath Rangashala Stadium, Kathmandu Dipendra Sharma: 9841484335
  • Halchowk, Kathmandu Shanka Prasad Adhikari: 9851124753
  • Sankha Park Ringroad, Kathmandu Vishwa Prakash Pandit: 9851031149
  • Narayan Chaur, Kathmandu, Shridhar Gautam: 9851095200 or Narbhadur Rajwar: 9841339292
  • Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Rajan Khanal: 9851106244
  • Balambu, Kathmandu Lok Darshan Regmi: 98415555741
  • Khumaltar, Kathmandu, Beshraj Sharma: 9851130365
  • Sano Gaucharan, Kathmandu Madhav Prasad Regmi: 9841068328
  • Jawalakhel, Patan Laxman Prasad Mainali: 9851147128
  • St Xavier’s School, Patan Bhola Prasad Shiwakoti: 9851109320
  • Pulchok Engineering College, Patan Dhanbhadur Tamang: 9851105991
  • Kirtipur Mohdutt Timilsina: 9841028792
  • Bhaktapur Darsbar Square Krishna Chand Poudel: 9851147128
  • Tinkune, Sallaghari, Bhaktapur Tankamani Sharma: 9851065900
  • Saraswati Secondary School, Kamalvinayak, Bhaktapur Thok Prasad Shiwakoti: 9841376930



  • Donate clothes, blanket or volunteer with a click.
  • Donate food, medicine and reconstruction materials for heavily damaged villages. Yagraraj Maharjan for Bungamati and Khokana, 9841490611 Dhwoj Bahadur Gurung for Barpak in Gorkha, 9849230700



  • Distribution of free noodles. Chaudhary Group Noodle Factory, Bhaisepati, Bhusan Gurung, 9851077802
  • Drinking water, delivered by tanker anywhere within the Kathmandu Valley. Nepal Police Headquarters, Naxal, (01)4412780
  • Distribution of bottled water, Dasrath Stadium

Food and water, distributed by local ministries.

    • Ministry of Agriculture, (01)4211905, (01)4211950, (01)4211697
    • Ministry of Commerce and Supply, (01)4211631
    • Ministry of Urban Development, (01)4211673



  • Plastic sheets, ropes and bamboos for construction of toilets at Tundikhel. Ishan: 9851016445
  • Tent, blankets and medicine needed in Gorkha. Subhash Ghimire: 9851194247


  • IMPACT Nepal is looking for volunteers to distribute tents, food, water purification tabs, medical supplies to the 4500 residents of Duwakot, Dhading. 9841519660
  • Volunteers are invited to register into a database before being assigned tasks. Volunteers should wear comfortable shoes, rain wear, carry water and bring their own transport if possible. Everyday 10.30am, The Yellow House, Sanepa, 9741311750
  • Volunteers required for cleanups. Clean Up Nepal, 9841381046, [email protected]
  • Bir Hospital Trauma Centre needs volunteers as well as water supply. 9851090730
  • Teaching Hospital needs volunteers with or without medical skills. Aman Pandey: 9848557560


  • Ujyalo Foundation is distributing water purifiers, oral rehydration packages, women sanitary items, baby wipes, anti diarrheal medications, and first aid kits. Sony KC: 9851160203, Avinash Jha: 9851237070, Watsal Rajbhandari: 9803002203, Amuda Mishra: 9813791459
  • Doctors from B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) are providing care in Gorkha.Santosh Chaudhary: 9852056887, Girish Dahal: 9813560280, Madhur Basnet: 9852056415, Surya Rimal: 9857045671
  • 24 hours medicine supply in Kathmandu. Prasit Kadel: 9851133822, Shailesh Sharma: 9851017553
  • Health care by local ministries.
    • Ministry of Health and Population: (01)4262543, (01)4262802, (01)4262696, (01)4267376
    • Ministry of Home Affairs: (01)4211208, (01)4211214
    • Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development: (01)4200000, (01)4200309
  • Road Clearing by local ministries,
    • Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport: (01)4211782, (01)4211931, (01)4211732, (01)4211655
    • Ministry of Home Affairs: (01)4211208, (01)4211214
  • Disposal of animal carcasses, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Clean Nepal, Padam Thapa, (01)4279713, 9818302920
  • Waste disposal, Sisdol dumping site is in operation since 30 April, for sanitation related issues within Kathmandu (01)4227240, (01)4231719


  • Nepal Engineering Council and other practicing professionals will assess affected buildings free-of-cost. (01)5010252
  • Nepal Armed Police Force: 1114
    • Ministry of Home Affairs: (01)4211208, (01)4211214
    • Ministry of Defence: (01)4211289
    • Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport: (01)4211782, (01)4211931, (01)4211732, (01)4211655
    • Department of Tourism: (01)4247037, (01)4256228, (01)4256231, (01)4256232
  • Tent and shelter management by local ministries.
    • Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, (01)4200000, (01)4200309
    • Ministry of Urban Development, (01)4211673
    • Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, (01)4211782, (01)4211931, (01)4211732, (01)4211655
    • Ministry of Defence, (01)4211289 

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