Terms & Conditions


This job application is built and maintained by Invent Kathmandu. Its only aim is to create a convenient system for connecting Job Seekers and Job Providers. It will be understood that by using the system (including viewing its content, or signing up) you agree to have read, understood and agreed these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with anything stated herein, you should stop using this website.

1. Accuracy of Information

We do not guarantee that information posted in this website (by Job Seekers, Job Providers and any other parties involved) will be free of error or omissions. It is the responsibilities of sides that engage in communication to verify the truth of information before making any agreement.

2. Availability of System

While we employ the latest technologies and programming protocols to ensure our services stay functional all the time, we do not guarantee 100% uptime or availability of services. Server outages, internet disruption, international communication channels, unexpected errors or scheduled maintenance may directly or indirectly affect functionality of the system. We cannot be held responsible for compensation or any claims caused due to system outage.

3. No Liability

Any sides entering into any form of agreement are directly responsible for their commitments and actions. Invent Kathmandu is just a medium of connection and therefore cannot be held responsible for actions of parties acting independently on their sides. We will not be responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage caused to any side by using our system.

4. Limited Rights

We reserve the right to suspend or remove any content or account if we find it directly or indirectly violates the prevailing laws. Any unlawful activity such as manipulating the system, harassing the users, unauthorized extraction of data, breaking into codes and any deliberate action to destabilize or break down the system are strictly prohibited. Any such actions could be reported to police or law enforcement agencies.