The Gen Nep

The Gen Nep

The Gen Nep is a national youth initiative that builds ‘Confidence’, ‘Conviction’ and ‘Character’ in Nepali youth by engaging them with inspirational personalities from Nepal and abroad. It helps Nepali youth build their careers by getting them mentored by well-known personalities of Nepal, and providing them career counseling by leading professionals in their fields.

‘The Gen Nep’ works towards building the ‘nation-first-character’ in Nepali youth with the twin goal of supporting them to ‘DO WELL’ in their careers, and inspiring them to ‘DO GOOD’ to the society.It brings opportunities for Nepali youth to have rewarding experiences by helping the needy in the society through effective volunteerism.

‘The Gen Nep’ initiative is systematically creating a thrivingcommunity of positive thinkers and doers to support Nepali youth to constructively contribute to the nation-building task. Though focused towards youth it is welcoming to its fold the volunteering services of successful professionals of all ages and skills.

By the end of 2014 ‘The Gen Nep’ will have a 5,000 strong pool-of-volunteers pledged to the service of the country, within Kathmandu valley, available on a thriving web-based public platform. During the same period the initiative will facilitate five lakh (5,00,000) hours of volunteer service to the nation by all its members combined.

Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI)- a non profit organization has helped Nepali youth design, execute ‘The Gen Nep-Nation First’ Initiative. HCI works as ‘The Gen Nep- Nation First’ secretariat. Read more about HCI @
CG Foundation has provided the seed financial assistance to help execute ‘The Gen Nep- Nation First’ Initiative as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

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