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India concerned over death and violence in Nepal

India has expressed deep concern over violence in regions of Nepal bordering India. Issuing a press statement on Monday, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has expressed deep concerns “over the incidents of violence resulting in death and injury in regions of Nepal bordering India following the promulgation of Constitution yesterday.” The statement further said, “We had repeatedly cautioned the political leadership of Nepal to take urgent steps to defuse the tension in these regions. This, if done in a timely manner, could have avoided these serious developments.” They also pointed out their “freight companies and transporters have voiced...

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US congratulates Nepal on adoption of new constitution

Calling it an important milestone in Nepal’s democratic journey, the United States has congratulated the people of Nepal on the promulgation of the new constitution. A press statement released by the US Department of State’s spokesperson, John Kirby, encourages Nepalis to continue to engage in dialogue through non-violent means and urges the government to accomodate the views of all Nepalis. “The Government must continue efforts to accommodate the views of all Nepalis and ensure that the constitution embraced measures consistent with globally accepted norms and principles, including gender equality, religious freedom and the right to citizenship,” reads the statement....

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Salient features of the new Constitution

The Constitution of Nepal 2072 passed on Wednesday (Sept 16) by the Constituent Assembly meeting envisions a federal democratic republican and inclusive and prosperous Nepal by institutionalising the achievements of the democratic movements held in the country. Realising a dream cherished by the Nepali people since the past 65 years, the new constitution will formally take the country towards a federal structure from the existing unitary structure that remained rooted in the country for 240 years. The new statute has proposed to federate the country into seven federal units, which will be one of the significant changes to take...

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Migrant crisis: EU’s Juncker announcing plans for quotas

Under the proposals, 120,000 additional asylum seekers will be distributed among EU nations, with binding quotas. It comes after a surge of thousands of mainly Syrian migrants pushed north through Europe in recent days. Mr Juncker opened his speech saying it was “not a time to take fright”. He was heckled by UK anti-European Union politician Nigel Farage, but dismissed his comments as “worthless”. Germany, the main destination for many migrants, supports quotas, but some EU countries oppose a compulsory system. Hungary – a key point on a migrant route – has been warned to expect an additional 40,000...

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