Blockade should be settled through diplomatic measures

Blockade should be settled through diplomatic measures

CALIFORNIA: Former Prime Minister and Nepali Congress (NC) President Sushil Koirala said that the current unannounced blockade by India on Nepal is against the international law and it should be settled through diplomatic measures.

NC President Koirala said this while talking to journalists in brief at the John F Kennedy International Airport in the United States on Sunday.

Koirala arrived at New York in course of his health follow-up check.

Making clear on the issue of his candidature for the prime ministerial post, President Koirala said that his candidacy was not on the pressure and influence of any power but in line with the party decision.

He asserted that some of the decisions taken by the largest democratic party of the sovereign country may be taken wrong for the time being but such decisions would prove right and visionary in the long run with historical values.

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