Dassanayake gets extension of one year

Dassanayake gets extension of one year

National cricket team coach Pubudu Dassanayake — the main factor behind Nepal’s impressive performance in the ICC World Twenty20 — today has been given a one-year extension by the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN).

The cricket governing body was yet to discuss on Dassanayake’s future though the contract period of the influential coach was about the expire in a matter of a week. After an extended meeting at the CAN’s office, the cricket governing body decided to give him an extension of one year.

CAN General Secretary Ashok Nath Pyakurel confirmed Dassanayake’s extension late on Monday but didn’t disclose the nature of the contract. “For the time being, we can only say that he has been given an extension. We were about the finalise about his contract before the World Twenty20 but since we had to focus on Bangladesh, we decided to postpone the deal,” said Pyakurel.

“Since the coach is leaving for Canada shortly, we first agreed to the period of extension. Rest of the things including the financial part can be done after he returns from Canada. We are mulling to give him an increment in his remunerations and it will be decided in near future,” Pyakurel told to reporters.

Dassanayake has been receving $5,000 a month ever since he took over Nepali cricket. CAN President Tanka Aangbhang said there was no one’s reservation in extending Dassanayake contract from anyone in the cricket governing body.

Source: The Himalayan Times

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