Bike, Raft & Adventure

Bike, Raft & Adventure


Nepal incorporates eight of the highest peaks in the world. Rivers crash down from these magnificent heights, through the foothills, reinforced by monsoon rains and melting snow, on their way to the Great Plains of the Ganges. Nepal offers many rivers waiting to be explored. Within a few hours’ drive from the Kathmandu valley, there is a very famous river for rafting, the Trishuli river. Rafting can be experienced in this river for a day, or if there’s time to spare and you need more fun and rush, even for two or three days… [More…]

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Courtesy of ever rising, high traffic and pollution of the city, it is very difficult to enjoy biking in the Kathmandu valley, but still in cool mornings and evenings, it certainly can be enjoyed. However, a biker’s dream lies around the Kathmandu valley. There are a wide range of options of biking trails to choose from around the valley. The diverse terrains around the valley certainly allows bikers to have good time while covering those trails. Terrains range from flat plains to rough and mountainous. Far from the… [More…]

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