“Mitjyu” in Mandala Theatre

“Mitjyu” in Mandala Theatre

Mandala Theatre Nepal is staging a new play titled “Mitjyu” from Jan 10 for a month. “Mitjyu” is a Nepali word which means “Special friend” or “Best friend”. There was an old tradition in Nepal where two people who becomes close friend would go through a special bonding ceremony and called themselves “Mitjyu” of each other. This tradition is still in place in some parts of Nepal.

This play “Mitjyu” is story of such two individuals who are from different ethnic cultures. The play will demonstrate their friendships, the connections and relations between two different cultures. This play is written by Somnath Khanal and directed by Dayahang Rai. We will see Bijay Baral, Buddhi Tamang, Srijana Subba, Sulakchyan Bharati, Umesh Tamang and Kiran Suniwar as the lead artists of this play. The stage will be designed by Rajan Khatiwada, lights by Buddhi Tamang and live music will be performed in the play by Aadha Sur Band.
“Mitjyu” will be performed be every day at 4.30 PM (except Mondays) at Mandala Theatre Hall, Anamnagar, Kathmandu. The performance will last till 9th of February, 2014.

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