Public Transport

Public Transport

There is no lack of number of public transport vehicles in Kathmandu. Once you get into Kathmandu, you can see the roads filled with public and private vehicles. The roads are rarely empty (apart from the ‘bandas’ or strikes leading to road closures, which used to happen all the time in the past but rarely nowadays). And, there are vehicles running from every place to almost every other place within Kathmandu valley (Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur), that means, almost all the places within the valley are interconnected via public transportation services. Getting from one place to another takes at most two buses, if you didn’t find a single, direct transport route; it may require more than two routes to reach the destination, but very rarely. And, if no routes reach the required destination, it means that the place is in the walking distance form an existing public transportation route. Local buses run to different near and far locations from bus parks such as Purano Buspark (and Ratnapark), Naya Buspark (Gongabu) and Kalanki. There are all kinds of local public vehicles running around the valley, like big buses, mini buses, small “micro” buses and smaller mini-vans.

Fare concessions are provided for students and disabled or handicapped travellers.

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